About us

LEGACY Tobacco Brand was founded in 2020 and specializes in the production of premium cigarettes as well as vapes, tailored to satisfy all the
tastes and preferences of our consumers.
With its head offices located in the UAE and Lebanon, LEGACY Tobacco delivers top quality products and tobacco solutions across the MENA region, Eastern Europe, and Africa ensuring best in class services underpinned by a strong adult customer and consumer focus.
LEGACY Tobacco’s manufacturing facilities are fully automated and equipped with the latest up-to-date technology for tobacco processing and vape production.

Our Products


Customized products upon your request

Customization of a product is a manufacturing ability to offer a variety of designs or details for one product, made specifically up to the buyers taste and demand. That’s due our advanced technology and manufacture production strategies. Customizing a product means a customer can select features like color, design, functionalities, add-on components or other options to make a better, unique item rather than a mass produced one.

We also offer 3 devices: 2500 puff, 3600 puff and 5000 puff of any flavor you want.


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Through continuous effective customer & consumer focus, our aim is to offer premium quality at affordable prices.

Now distributing in over 9 countries, LEGACY Tobacco’s brand mission is to become the number 1 tobacco brand of choice across the MENA region, Eastern Europe, and Africa by providing 360 tobacco solutions and vape solutions.


LEGACY Tobacco endeavors to deliver top-quality premium tobacco products ensuring best-in-class services underpinned by a strong adult customer and consumer focus. We aim to be the sustainable standard benchmark provider of ground-breaking high-quality tobacco products offering extensive value to both the consumers and business partners across our markets.


LEGACY Tobacco concentrates its productivity growth across markets in the MENA region, Eastern Europe and Africa


The MENA region is LEGACY Tobacco’s launch and growth market due to an increasing population of adult smokers. LEGACY Tobacco is poised to become the market leader across the MENA.  Distribution countries include Iraq, Kuwait, and Morocco.


Eastern Europe is part of LEGACY Tobacco’s expansion plan. The expansion will include the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, and Ukraine among others.


Africa is LEGACY Tobacco’s growth market due to the high potential of market penetration, economic and population growth of adult smokers. Substantial human and financial resources will be allotted to that end. Distribution countries include Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Kenya.


Our responsibility and obligations are to inform all the partakers about the quality and the harmful effects of our products. We respect all Laws and Rules regarding the producer obligations to underline the appropriate warnings on all products.

According to this fact, our products carry clear health warnings about the influence of cigarettes on consumers’ health and their effect on the environment. Our legal team works closely with governmental authorities and we take an active role in fighting against illegal trade.

LEGACY Tobacco exclusively operates in compliance with all legal & regulatory guidelines and regulations, both in domestic and international markets. Our company places special emphasis on environmental protection, where our modern technology adopted in the production process enables us to maintain an ecological balance and is completely safe for human health.